Work into Music

As a teacher

Seema is the co-artistic director of Soorya Performing Arts and professor of music in SOorya Music School. She has taught more than 200 students - kids, teenagers, adults in USA since 2003. 

Seema's students have fared very well with public performances just like her Guru

As a performer

Seema Kasthuri is in the field o music since 1995. She has worked with Grammy awardee Pandit Vishwamohan bhat on Rainbow 2 - Album

Sema Kasthuri accompanied Dr. Nagamani Srinath in her USA tour

Seema's Devotional album - Sri Lola was released in 2002

Seema's Nireeksha released in 2013

Seema reularly gives concerts in India, and In USA.


Anticipation of love

Everyone has to anticipate someone or someting at some point in their life. This music album deals with anticipation of Radha for Krishna; anticipation of rain from farmer, anticipation of love to a child  from her mother, so on so on. 
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